Year after year the number of Erasmus students at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport has been increasing. Interesting study programmes, cultural and social life, marine and other sports are only some among the advantages that we offer for Erasmus students. Take part in our sailing or rowing team or just relax near the sea.

If you are interested in our Erasmus exchange study program do not hesitate to contact us. The international office will provide you with information about our study programmes, procedures, and applications for enrolment, and assist you to find suitable accommodation.

Students who would like to study at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport have to submit the following completed forms:

The learning agreement, signed by the home and host institute, should be also submitted together with the application form.

The forms have to be sent to the following address:

University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport

International Office

Pot pomorščakov 4

6320 Portorož


date of last change: 14.05.2018